Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson grew up in rural Montana and, as a child, experienced the powerful power of energy that healed him of two life-threatening illnesses. He began studying programming, but after asking God for a sign for his future, an apparition showed him his path and he decided to study chiropractic to get to the bottom of the body’s self-healing system. In his programs Dr. Bradley helps his participants release their trapped emotions. His findings are also available in book form.

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Emotional baggage: How to recognize it and throw it off

A world without emotions is unimaginable for us. But not all of these feelings are positive: Dr. Bradley Nelson realized that we all carry emotional baggage with us and are actually unaware of it most of the time. In part, it is a burden passed down to us through the emotional energy of our ancestors. In this article he gives an insight into his concept of the emotion code and how we can free ourselves from panic attacks, physical pain or eating disorders by following his principles. He talks about how energy medicine works, where it aligns with quantum physics, and how the emotion code became what it is today.

In this video you will find out…
  • to what extent the experiences of our ancestors affect our lives today
  • how the emotion code method works and where it starts
  • why it is important to identify and release trapped emotions
  • why working with energy can permanently and positively change the eternal now
  • when it can make sense to access the knowledge of the subconscious

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