Ken Honda

Ken Honda is a money and happiness expert and bestselling personal development author. He was such a successful consultant and entrepreneur that he wanted to retire for the first time at just 29 years old to spend time with his newborn daughter. However, when he realized that money causes stress in many people’s lives – whether they have it or not – he started sharing his knowledge and wisdom about it and teaches as a speaker how we can say goodbye to negative feelings around money can. His latest work, “Happy Money: The Relaxed Path to Prosperity and Happiness,” shows how our relationship with money is changing for the better.

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The Secret of Money

What is happy money? And what is unhappy money? In this inspiring video, financial expert Ken Honda tells us how he became a “money healer” and now helps other people change their relationship with money through his seminars and books. Because this relationship is often strained, and this has often been the case since our childhood. Many people have a so-called love-hate relationship with money and neither enjoy earning it nor spending it. Ken Honda shows us how we can make peace with money again and ultimately achieve prosperity through emotional intelligence, fulfilling activity and, above all, a lot of appreciation.

In this video you will find out…
  • what happy money can do
  • how to change your relationship with money
  • what is the difference between money IQ and money EQ
  • where your relationship with money comes from
  • which people are loved by money

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